Level Gauge

แสดงทั้งหมด 9 ผลลัพท์

    • Application for Chemical and Petrol Chemical process, Boilers and other industries. 
    • Connection:From ½” to 3” flange type, JIS, ANSI, DIN rating available; special size on request
    • Pressure Limited:  5 kg/cm² for Plastic chamber type (PVC, PP);
      7 kg/cm² for Plastic chamber type (PVDF);
      20 kg/cm² for Metal chamber type (Stainless Steel);
      Up to 50 kg/cm² for Metal chamber type (Stainless Steel) on request
    • Temperature Limited:  0~50°C for Plastic chamber type (PVC, PP);
      -30~100°C for Plastic chamber type (PVDF);
      -20~150°C for Metal chamber type (Stainless Steel);
      -20~300°C for Metal chamber type (Stainless Steel) on request
      (for this special type, if your operating temperature is ≥250°C, the Sp.Gr. must be ≥0.8)
    • Center to Center Length:maximum 5500mm
    • Accuracy:±4mm (Transmitter type: standard ±12mm; and ±6mm on request)
    • Indicating Case Material / Protection Class: SS304 / IP66
    • Indicating Strips Material: Plastic (PBT); Brass w/painting available;
      the colors are Red & White (standard), and other colors option available
    • Switch Track Material: Aluminum
    • Indicating Float Material: Aluminum
    • Specific Gravity:for standard type: 500~2900 kg/m³
      (for special type with high temperature≥250°C, the Sp.Gr. must be ≥800kg/m³)
    • Indicating Gauge Orientation Adjustable
    • Chamber Size:ø50 or ø60mm
    • HART® Communication:Available
    • Two Wire Transmitter with HART® Protocol: 
      −Galvanic Isolation
      −Suitable for application in SIL 2 installations
    • Model:
      NL_Series: with protection support Rod
      SL_Series: with protection support Pipe
    • Suitable Fluid:  Water, Oil, other chemical liquid
    • Gauge Valve Material: SS304, SS316, others available
    • Gauge Tube Material:  Glass, PVC
    • Seal Material:  Viton, Teflon available
    • Gauge Valve Function: With or Without ball check
    • Max. Working Temperature: 100°C
    • Max. Working Pressure:  4~7 kg/cm²
    • Process Connection:  ½”~1½” Thread and Flange on request
    • Flange Rating:  JIS, ANSI, DIN available
    • Drain Valve Connection:  standard ½”NPT(F), option available
    • Application for Non and Low viscosity liquid system
    • In equipment for oil, food, beverages, medical, petrol chemical, water
    • Chamber Size: 1″ Pipe, Sch10
    • Connection Size: ½”~1″
    • Connection Rating: Thread type- BSP (PF), NPT (with union) available; special size on request
      Flange type- JIS, ANSI, DIN rating available; special size on request
    • Center to Center Length:maximum 2 meters
    • Material:  Chamber & Wetted parts- SS316 ;  Indicating case- SS316; Indicating strips- Plastic
    • Indicating Gauge Orientation Adjustable
    • Pressure Limited:10 kg/cm² (150psi)
    • Temperature Limited: -20°C~+90°C
    • Sp. Gr.: 0.75 low limited
    • Reed Switch type and Transmitter assembly available