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  • Float & Board Type Level Indicator

    Techtrol New Catalog


    • Application for Non and Low viscosity liquid system
    • In equipment for oil, food, beverages, medical, petrol chemical, water
    • Chamber Size: 1″ Pipe, Sch10
    • Connection Size: ½”~1″
    • Connection Rating: Thread type- BSP (PF), NPT (with union) available; special size on request
      Flange type- JIS, ANSI, DIN rating available; special size on request
    • Center to Center Length:maximum 2 meters
    • Material:  Chamber & Wetted parts- SS316 ;  Indicating case- SS316; Indicating strips- Plastic
    • Indicating Gauge Orientation Adjustable
    • Pressure Limited:10 kg/cm² (150psi)
    • Temperature Limited: -20°C~+90°C
    • Sp. Gr.: 0.75 low limited
    • Reed Switch type and Transmitter assembly available
  • D

    1 Removable centering sleeves
    quick and economical positioning of the gripper fingers
    2 Wedge hook mechanism
    synchronized the movement of the gripper jaws
    3 Precise T-Slot guide
    high forces and moments capacity
    4 Endposition 0/90/180° adjustment
    endstops for 0°/90°/180° included with purchase
    5 Rotating-drive mechanism
    robust, wear-resistant
    6 Drive
    two double-acting pneumatic cylinders
    7 Slot for magnetic field sensorsensing of the rotational position and gripper jaw position
    8 Integrated gripping force safety device
    optional via integrated spring (C or O models)

  • Download Spec PRU150




  • Mobrey™ Hydrastep 2468 Electronic Steam and Water Gauging System

    Use the Hydrastep water and steam monitoring system for highly visible local and remote drum level indication, including alarms, with exceptional reliability. Failure to detect low water levels in steam-raising operations can have costly and potentially disasterous consequences. According to Factory Mutual Research, ” the probability of Hydrastep missing an actual trip is less than 1 in 300 million. The probability of creating a nuisance trip is less than 1 in 10 million.”

  • Particularly suitable in application for pilling and drilling rigs as well as for mechanical engineering and plant constructions.

    MADE IN GERMANY, own production.