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silicone rubber Glass cloth



  • E Glass cloth is coated with a heavy weight specially formulated red oxide silicone rubber known as Supersil.
  • The red color is due to the high content of iron oxide, an all important extra ingredient which both increases the temperature rating of the silicone and creates a surface suitable for short term exposure to molten metal.
  • Silicone has excellent weather and aging resistance and has high stability to ozone and UV light.
  • It is also water repellent and is resistant to water vapor.
  • Silicone rubber is non-halogenic and flame retardant.
  • Supersil silicone can be added in different coating weights and applied to all weights and weave styles of E Glass cloth.
  • Rated to  250°C , base fabric rated to  550°C  (unstressed) in optimum conditions.
  • Component of High Temperature Sewn Fabrications
  • Insulation Jacket Fabric (Outer Layer)
  • Expansion Joint / Flexible Bellow / Compensator Fabric
  • Weld Splatter & Molten Splash Protection

Single Sided Double Sided 

400gm Base + 130gm Supersil One Side 1050gm Base + 400gm Supersil One Side 2000gm Cloth, Supersil One Side / Gray PU Other 


1 Linear Meter