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GDP400 series


1 Removable centering sleeves
quick and economical positioning of the gripper fingers
2 Wedge hook mechanism
synchronized the movement of the gripper jaws
3 Precise T-Slot guide
high forces and moments capacity
4 Endposition 0/90/180° adjustment
endstops for 0°/90°/180° included with purchase
5 Rotating-drive mechanism
robust, wear-resistant
6 Drive
two double-acting pneumatic cylinders
7 Slot for magnetic field sensorsensing of the rotational position and gripper jaw position
8 Integrated gripping force safety device
optional via integrated spring (C or O models)

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2-Jaw Parallel Rotary Grippers
Series DGP400


“TWO in ONE”

Proven T slot guide

This established and proven guiding technology stands for the highest process reliability like no other

2 in 1

Gripping and swivelling in a module allows optimum utilisation of the installation space

Individually adjustable

How you stay flexible: 90° or 180° swivel angle – You decide what your application requires on site

Installation Size: DGP404
Order-No. Gripping force in opening Gripping force in closing Torque
DGP404N 115 [N] 115 [N] 0.5 [Nm]
DGP404NC 155 [N] 0.5 [Nm]
DGP404NO 155 [N] 0.5 [Nm]