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Dmfzm-40s 24V /220VAC CE Certificate IP65 Solenoid Valves for Dust Collectors

Rectangle styled Electromagnetic Pulse valve can be mounted on airhouse(air tank)directly,it provides streamlined structure and improved ventilation.
It reduces little air pressure which is ideal to be used with low air pressure
Working Pressure 0. 2~0.6MPa
Working substance clean air
Operation voltage DC24V AC220V AC110V
Working current 0.9A 0.23A 0.46A
Operating environment ( a)Normal-temperature diaphragm: -25ºC- 80ºC;
( b)High-temperature diaphragm:-25ºC -230ºC
( c)The relative humidity of air is no more than 85%
Service life 1,500,000 blows or five years
Class of Protection IP 65
Die Casting treated valve body, Zero defeat which allows better performance and corrosion resistance.
2.Coil component uses insulation, waterproof, heat resistance materials. Protection class reaches IP65.
3.Latest technology diaphragm features long service life, strong aging resistance. Working life is more than 1,000,000 times.
4.Magnetic and Non-Magnetic material produces less heat in core casting, therefore better life cycle time.
5.Stainless steel Spring, strong corrosion resistance which ensures longer product life cycle.
6.Stainless steel and thread forming tap allows stronger corrosion resistance, 3 – 4 times hardness to thread cutting tap.
7.”O” shape seal ring made of polymer material allows better sealing result without leakage.
8.Streamlined design provides maximal air pressure and best cleaning result.