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Pressure reducing valve

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    • Pneumatic Valve is utilized by compressed air to control the gate open and close.
    • It can be remote controlled and good for non-pressure environment or dirty water.
    • The air pressure setting of the air compressor shall be larger or equal to the inner fluid pressure of the pipe.
    • Meanwhile, it is utilized with piston and diaphragm which can be against the high pressure and dirt to keep valve’s long life.
    • There’s a cleaning opening that is easy for dirt cleaning.
    • The installed direction can be either vertical or horizontal.
    • UL / ULC Product Category VLMT – File No. Ex 15524
    • First UL / ULC Listed Piston Type Pressure Reducing Valve.
    • Controller is fixed directly and designed of non-controller conduit. It reduces the damage of the controller conduit while transporting the equipment.
    • Pressure Adjusting Range: 30 psi~100psi (2.1 kgf/m2~7.1kgf/m2)
    • The gate is designed for opening status, which will not influence the water supply function under unstable inlet pressure condition.
    • When the outlet pressure responds directly to the pressure control chamber and adjust the setting pressure, it responses quickly and adjust the pressure accurately.