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Pneumatic Rotary Grippers

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  • “TWO in ONE”

    Smooth stroke configuration

    You can adjust the 180° opening angle to be unique to your application using an adjusting screw

    2 in 1

    Gripping and swivelling in a module allows optimum utilisation of the installation space

    Individually adjustable

    How you stay flexible: 90° or 180° swivel angle – You decide what your application requires on site

  • “The unique”

    Decide for yourself!

    Flange connection or journal shaft, with or without shock absorbers: The multitude of variants ensure you always find what you need

    Flat structure

    Thanks to the reverse double piston drive, the unit can work in operations requiring flat conditions. This is how you can build your application to save more space

    Infinitely adjustable swivel angle

    Become flexible and unique with the completely adjustable swivel angle that also reduces set up times

  • D

    1 Removable centering sleeves
    quick and economical positioning of the gripper fingers
    2 Wedge hook mechanism
    synchronized the movement of the gripper jaws
    3 Precise T-Slot guide
    high forces and moments capacity
    4 Endposition 0/90/180° adjustment
    endstops for 0°/90°/180° included with purchase
    5 Rotating-drive mechanism
    robust, wear-resistant
    6 Drive
    two double-acting pneumatic cylinders
    7 Slot for magnetic field sensorsensing of the rotational position and gripper jaw position
    8 Integrated gripping force safety device
    optional via integrated spring (C or O models)

    • Maintenance free up to 1.5 million cycles
    • High torque up to 247 Nm

    1 Two way bearing drive shaft

    high forces and moments capacity

    2 Drive flange
    large size drive flange with end stop and large central hole (from SB150)
    3 Force transfer
    stable gear wheel set
    precise, reliable, durable
    4 Position sensing
    inquiry of end positions 0° and 90° (or180°) via inductive proximity switch
    adjustable on rotatable switch cam
    5 Drive
    double-acting pneumatic cylinder
    6 Air flow control valve
    for speed regulation (included in the delivery)
    7 Mounting and positioning
    mounting possible from several sides for versatile positioning
    8 Integrated and patented hydraulic shock absorbers
    adjustable end position damping