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Pressure reducing valve

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    • Pneumatic Valve is utilized by compressed air to control the gate open and close.
    • It can be remote controlled and good for non-pressure environment or dirty water.
    • The air pressure setting of the air compressor shall be larger or equal to the inner fluid pressure of the pipe.
    • Meanwhile, it is utilized with piston and diaphragm which can be against the high pressure and dirt to keep valve’s long life.
    • There’s a cleaning opening that is easy for dirt cleaning.
    • The installed direction can be either vertical or horizontal.
    • The whole set is made by stainless steeel#316, and is suitable for water, steam, acid & alkaline fluid, or oil
    • Pressure Relief Valve is a safety. device for pipes and it is normally closed. When pressure increases to setting value, pressure relief valve rapidly releases the over high pressure. When pressure returns to safety value, pressre relief valve will automatically close to ensure the safety of equipment.
    • Pressure Adjusting Range:
      0.2 kgf / cm2 ~1.5 kgf / cm2
    • Maximum Applied Pressure: 10 kgf/cm2
    • Valve Body Testing Pressure :
      16 kgf/cm2
    • Applied Temperature:-15°C~80°C
    • Pressure reducing valve can prevent pipeline breakage due to high pressure.
    • Pressure reducing valve is installed in water supply pipeline and maintains the setting outlet pressure in main valve, regardless of the different inlet pressure.
    • Pressure reducing valve can be installed in water supply, air conditioning and fire control systems to maintain the setting outlet pressure.
    • UL / ULC Product Category VLMT – File No. Ex 15524
    • First UL / ULC Listed Piston Type Pressure Reducing Valve.
    • Controller is fixed directly and designed of non-controller conduit. It reduces the damage of the controller conduit while transporting the equipment.
    • Pressure Adjusting Range: 30 psi~100psi (2.1 kgf/m2~7.1kgf/m2)
  • Actived pressure reducing valve(Stainless steel 316)