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Mobrey Boiler Vertical Air Break Controls

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  • Mobrey™ Hydrastep 2468 Electronic Steam and Water Gauging System

    Use the Hydrastep water and steam monitoring system for highly visible local and remote drum level indication, including alarms, with exceptional reliability. Failure to detect low water levels in steam-raising operations can have costly and potentially disasterous consequences. According to Factory Mutual Research, ” the probability of Hydrastep missing an actual trip is less than 1 in 300 million. The probability of creating a nuisance trip is less than 1 in 10 million.”

  • Mobrey™ Magnetic Vertical Level Switches

    For critical area applications or general purpose control you need to trust that your level switches won’t let you down. Mobrey float and Displacer level switches are rugged, robust, and trusted globally for their long-term reliability in the harshest of environments and the most hazardous areas.

  • A comprehensive range of boiler and steam control equipment for all types of steam boiler, process steam applications and hot water boilers. From float level controls and electrode probes through to Hydrastep high integrity electronic gauging systems. Applications cover pressures from atmospheric to 320 bar working saturated steam.

    Products cover applications such as package boilers, high integrity self monitoring level control, boiler automation and control check systems, tank level control, alarm systems for smoke and dust, and water level indication.

    • Float level on – off control
    • Float level modulating control
    • Electronic probe level control
    • High integrity electronic drum gauging systems
  • Mobrey™ Series PLS Paddle Level Switch

    The paddle switch may be used as either a high or low level limit switch. It is easily mounted through a vessel wall. A small electric motor drives a paddle which rotates freely in the absence of material.

  • Mobrey™ Series VLS Vibrating Rod Solids Level Switch

    The vibrating rod level switch is the perfect solution for single point level switching in free flowing solids across a wide density range, from fine powders to grains. A single rod design provides the solution to tuning forks which may become blocked or bridged.

  • Mobrey™ Squing 2 Full Featured Vibrating Fork Level Switch (Discontinued)

    The Mobrey Squing 2 Level Switch has been discontinued and is replaced by the Rosemount 2120 Level Switch. Click “View Compatibility” for replacement alternatives.