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Water level monitoring system (Now SIL2)

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  • MSHA-accepted “SAFE-SPIRAL MINE”

     Safe-Spiral MINE is designed to protect hydraulic (or equivalent) hoses against mechanical abrasion in environments that demand flame resistance, especially in mining machinery and mining appliances.

    Safe-Spiral MINE is accepted as a “Flame-Resistant Solid Product taken into Mines” with acceptance No. MSHA IC-271 by the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

  • Safe-Wrap

    SAFE-WRAP is produced from 100 % polyamide with PU coating and Velcro® -brand fasteners which make it very easy to install

    on hose lines afterwards and repeatedly. Fast installation makes Safe-Wrap a very cost-effective solution for hose protection. It is also widely used to bundle long and heavy hose bundles together with Safe-Strips.

    Its tensile strength is excellent (EN ISO 13934-1) and water repellence of the fabric is 100% (EN 24920).
    Operating temperature is from -20°C to + 120°C degrees.

  • Wear-indicator “SAFE-SPIRAL ABRA”

    Safe-Spiral Abra is a 2-coloured wear indicator –spiral. Safe-Spiral Abra helps you identify the spots that need more careful observation: once the black top layer wears off and you can see the yellow colour, you know the spiral needs to be replaced soon. This product can be used in environments where the spirals encounter uneven abrasion, such as when hoses need to be dragged on asphalt, or if exposed to lot of hits, like in forest industry.