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  • Basalt Fiber Braided Sleeve

    Basalt Fiber Braided Sleeve is a highly conformable sleeve which provides excellent thermal protection for engine and generator exhaust piping for automobiles, marine engines and generators, bus, construction and mining equipment.
    • Size Range:6mm-100mm
    • Properties:00% Inorganic
    • Material:Basalt fiber yarns
  • HANTAI Basalt Tape For Thermal Insulation

    HANTAI Basalt Tape is braided by basalt fiber which has outstanding property of electric insulationIt use s basalt yarn as raw material to braid into tape with thickness of 0.1mm
    • item no.:HTBF-T
    • product origin:China
    • Color:Brown
    • shipping port:ShangHai/NingBo
  • Fiberglass Braided Sleeve

    HANTAI Fiberglass braided sleeve provide thermal insulation and fire proof from high temperature and occasional flame, also affording personal protection.
    • Size Range:2mm-100mm
    • Operating Temperature:≤550℃
  • Thermal Insulation Fire Sleeve Velcro

    Performance same as Fire sleeve
    Velcro construction is easy for installation and disassembly
    • Size Range:10mm-115mm
    • Operating Temperature:500° F (260°C)
  • High Temperature Fire Sleeve

    HANTAI firesleeve protects hoses, lines, cables and wires.
    Protect employees.
    Reduce energy losses.
  • Basalt Fiber Knitted Sleeve

    Basalt Fiber Knitted Sleeve is used to protect engine and generator exhaust piping for automobiles, marine engines and generators, bus, construction and mining equipment.Highly resistant to most oils, hydraulic fluids, fuels, acids and alkalis, and moisture.
    • Size Range:25mm-152mm
    • Operating Temperature:760℃
    • Material:basalt fiber yarns
  • Nylon Textile Sleeve

    HANTAI Nylon textile sleeve protects hoses, lines, cables and wires from harsh environments.
    Protect employees from hydraulic hose oil leakage or spill.
    • Size Range:8mm-100mm
    • Operating Temperature:-40℃-125℃
  • High Purity Quartz Fiber Sleeve

    Protect Glass roller,help reducing the defects occurring during glass transportation.

    • Size Range:0.5mm-70mm
    • Operating Temperature:Continuous working temperature at 1050℃.
  •  Silica Fiberglass Needled Mat


  • HANTAI Silicone Rubber Tape Self-Adhesive For Thermal Insulation

    Silicone Rubber Tape Self-Adhesive is fit for joins of the ends of cables no more than 10KV and the tie-in seal to communication cables
    • item no.:HTSR-T
    • product origin:China
    • Color:Blue Green Yellow Black Grey Red
    • shipping port:ShangHai/NingBo
    • Lead Time:15 days after payment